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YellowHaus 01-22-14 02:06 PM

1930's-40's Era Peugeot
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I have a complete-ish vintage Peugeot that I am trying to figure pricing on. I'm wondering what the value would be for the following:

1. fully original and restored (including new chrome)
2. a good rider with new chrome and the following deficiencies: new stem, new handlebars, new wheel set, replica head badge
3. as is

I can only find catalogs up until 1937 and then 1950 on. The best I can tell it matches up with the 1937 multiplee but does not share the same derailleur design (mine attaches at the rear dropout with two bolts). My guess is the bike likely dates between 1937 and 1950? This bike came with an iso 590 wheel set which I am assuming can't be correct (it should be 650B right?).

I wish this were my size as I would just pour money into it and ride it but I am trying to figure out if it's worth restoring and selling.

Here's a link to some catalogs:

Serial # on rear dropout: P1L50RL

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Poguemahone 01-22-14 02:15 PM

Figure out the minimum you'd take, stick it on ebay and let it fly.

Sell it without the restoration, let someone else sink money into that particular pit.

Bianchigirll 01-22-14 02:46 PM

Looks like a nice project. If you have all the parts I would assemble it and make it functional as possible and sell it off "as is" You likely won't get as much as you like but you would never get your money back even simply investing in a one color w/ clearcoat paint and building into a rider. Let it go cheap so someone else can enjoy a great project.

miamijim 01-22-14 04:09 PM

Unlesss some of those parts are exceedingly rare it may not fetch much. It's certainly not worth restoring yourself, as BG said let someone else deal with the resto, its going to cost much than it'll ever be worth.

I've never seen a 1940's Peugeot catalog...probably due to the war effort and rebuilding afterwards.

How do you know its a Peugeot?

YellowHaus 01-22-14 04:23 PM

Its got the telltale lugwork up front...

miamijim 01-22-14 05:22 PM

Originally Posted by YellowHaus (Post 16432595)
Its got the telltale lugwork up front...

I wouldnt go by that.....In most instances Peugeots from that era had more ornate chainrings. An example is found on the front of the '33 catalog, Ebay France has a listing for cranks like yours but again, they dont have 'Peugeot' stamped anywhere.

YellowHaus 01-22-14 06:04 PM

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The polymultiplee has the same chainrings in the '33 catalog.. Here's some more pics of lugwork, fork and an interesting grease port on the bottom bracket (has a ball bearing/spring fitting that screws into that hole).

YellowHaus 01-22-14 06:15 PM

I thought for sure someone would be able to nail down a year (or range) based on those funky brakes (no straddle cable just that odd looking mustache piece)

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