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daf1009 01-25-14 07:23 AM

PX-10? Value if it is...
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Hello Everyone

This Peugeot has been on our Craigslist for a number of weeks now...need some help with...

(1) Is it truly a PX-10? I am not expert on Peugeot at, do not know how to tell.
(2) If so, an approximate value...

Seller claims in his ad that: Up for sale is a very rare 1971 Peugeot PX10 Road bike size 25" or 63.5cm which is good for riders over 6'. This bike is in amazing condition and the buyer will not be disappointed. Beautiful lugwork on the Reynolds 531 frame. All original, except the stem and handlebar were changed to period correct Cinelli and the brand new Shwalbe Milano tubular tires.

Pics are attached.

big chainring 01-25-14 07:27 AM

PX-10? Value if it is...
Looks nice. Its a PX-10. Whats he asking for it?

These command high prices, but $500 is about top end in these.

Poguemahone 01-25-14 07:31 AM

real thing. 4/500$ or thereabouts, but on a local sale you should be able to talk down to the 3/350 range... the large size makes it a tough mover.

digger531 01-25-14 07:51 AM

Seller is asking $425 but seems motivated in his add (will trade for this or that, make offer ect). I bet you could get it for $350 pretty easy. I would go stand in front of him with $300 and hold out for a LLOOONNNNGGGGG time.

miamijim 01-25-14 08:38 AM

I think $4-500 is reasonable, @$350 you'll never lose money. Original AVA bars and stems are readily available as well as correct Mafac levers. Looks like it still has the original tubular wheels...throw on a spare set of 700c's if you have them.

Good luck.

Force 01-27-14 03:46 PM

I used to own that very bike. I believe I sold it for $425 and it must have been sold again to the current owner. This seller started out very high and has slowly come down.

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