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gfresh 01-25-14 02:51 PM

Wondering exact year and value of pair of mid 80's Specialized Stumpjumpers
Hello everyone. I have a pair of hand-me-down Specialized Stumpjumpers that I was told were from the mid 80's. I was hoping I could enlist someone's assistance in pinning down the year and perhaps even get an estimated value on them (separate or together).

As far as I know, they are all original, and have been ridden very little (the green one looks like its hardly been taken around the block). They are dusty, and have one or two scratches on them (mainly from a car ride back from CO.), but other than that they've been in storage (hung from ceiling of garage) and are in "near-mint" condition.

I know 0 about bikes, so I hope not to impose by posting here asking for some expert eyes. Here are some images I took this weekend. Please excuse my mess of a garage. Thanks any and all for looking.

I didn't take any measurements, as I'm not really sure where to measure (yes, I know 0 about bikes). If there is any other info I can provide, please let me know. I did find a serial no. on the bottom of the bike, starting in CO (or C0)

Thanks again, all!

likebike23 01-25-14 03:38 PM

I'm not 100% sure of the year, but the chainstay u-brakes suggest '87-'89. They are cool bikes, but they are not holy grail Stumpies. I figure maybe $100-$200 each depending on where you are. If those are 7 speed suntour cogs on the rear wheel, those alone could be worth some $$ on Ebay. They are not made anymore and are not compatible with 7 speed shimano stuff, so vintage collectors who want to keep their bikes original/running will pay good money for Suntour 7 speed parts.

oddjob2 01-25-14 04:04 PM

You can check your components and decals against this chart.

I bought three last summer, a pair of early 90's for under $75 each and one early 80's for about $150. Yours look pretty clean and unabused, so I would say you could sell them locally for about $120-$150 each. No benefit to selling them as a pair, but it is important to figure out the size and give a range of height they might best fit.

gfresh 01-25-14 06:42 PM

Awesome! Thanks guys. Chart was a big help. Based on colors and tires alone, looks like I have a pair of 87 gems. I'll have to take a closer look at the rear cogs. They are Suntour XC 9000s, and I count 6 gears on the back... (Three on the crank) But in all honesty, not sure what that means. (Uh, 18 speed?) If there is no value in the pair, I might keep one and see about finding a home for the other.

You have been a huge help. Much appreciated!

Thumpic 01-25-14 08:52 PM

Those are spectacular bikes! I love the blue/green color. Too bad they won't sell for more.......just no market for vintage mtbs.

Bianchigirll 01-26-14 07:04 AM

I agree nice machines and very tempting!! I need another MTB like a hole in my head but I could find a place for a uber clean Suntour Stumpjumper

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