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warrennnnnnnnnn 01-28-14 12:15 AM

2002 Cannondale R2000 Si, what's it worth?
Seller is willing to come down to $500...

A friend of mine asked me to post, we're considering looking at the bike tomorrow. Considering $500-650 is the max he'd go for a road bike right now, he's wondering if the bike is will soon be obsolete given the evolution of frames and components since?

digger531 01-28-14 08:04 AM

As far as it being "obsolete" might want to check up know.. where it says "Classic and Vintage". That being said, I do believe in being helpful when I can as I have received so much help from these forums.

I am not from the SF area so it is hard for me to guess what the value of this bike would be relative to the area. Here in the midwest its an ok deal. If the tires matched and the front chainrings were not completely worn I would certainly scoop it up. The $500 is one thing but the bike will certainly need an overhaul and new front chainrings....I would probably buy it at $500... would be happier at $400.

Please rotate the handel bars down before posting anymore does that look bad:(

oddjob2 01-28-14 08:06 AM

In this case I think $500 is FMV. All Cannondale roadies carry a premium, this looks clean. Check welds for cracks.

bargainguy 01-29-14 10:01 AM

I had the same model year but an R5000Si. That frame was super light but brutally stiff. If you take a test ride, make sure the firmness is to your liking.

Bianchigirll 01-29-14 10:10 AM

The seller seems to have cut and paste the cannondale info from Bike pedia. he list bar extensions not included and the stem as a cannondale rather than a Ritchey.

Seems like an OK deal me but I am not the biggest cannondale fan

Kidd69 01-29-14 12:07 PM

I use an app called bike trader to get a range on price. $689 to $439 on this one. If it fits and you like the ride, you can't beat a Cannondale.

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