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Bennyfurniss 02-04-14 12:50 AM

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Have this bianchi road bike that I know nothing about any info would be helpful

digger531 02-04-14 11:42 AM

Will need better pics of the drive side.

Clang 02-04-14 01:37 PM

This reminded me of the 1985 Bianchi Stelvio I saw here but the brakes, brake levers, tubing decal, and saddle look different. So bring on the additional pics!

SJX426 02-04-14 02:18 PM

Please orient them so I don't have to break my neck!

Bianchigirll 02-04-14 08:20 PM

Hello Welcome to the forums. Better pics are needed as well as perhaps some information on the parts. I am pretty sure this is an '87 because of the style and location of the Colorado Springs decal. What I am having trouble with is a Sport SX or Premio. That cable for the front derailleur has me leaning towards a Premio.

FastJake 02-04-14 08:31 PM


Post good pictures from the drive-side, including a close-up of the tubing sticker, and we'll help you.

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