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davey67 02-22-14 01:57 PM

Vintage Niushikki?
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I need help identifying this vintage Nishikki bike.

I can make out the Nishikki part but have no clue on the model name.

Please help!

digger531 02-22-14 05:04 PM

Low end model. Can you read a serial number on the bottom bracket? It may help but the model name is not important for resale on that bike. You will get more attention from the Nishiki name then the model, if you are selling.

Poguemahone 02-22-14 05:45 PM

As digger says, base level, likely the maxima uno or some similar model. Google and compare.

Drive side photos help.

zukahn1 02-23-14 01:08 PM

Looks to be a pretty basic late 70's model most likely a Custome Sport. In just OK condition with ugly repaint worn components with some rust rough looking steel wheels and tires about $100 in value if everything is in good working order.

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