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russd32 04-14-14 06:45 PM

3Rensho Super Record Export
3Rensho, 3wrencho, San Rensho....I'm not sure the proper terminology

I bought an old Trek frame from a guy today that had this hanging in his garage. Just wondered what you fellas think it would be worth. If I could buy it for a price that I could pass along later without taking a big hit I might consider building it it. He thought it was 83-84, which makes sense based on the cable routing. Condition was good, it did have some chips and stuff but nothing major. He was throwing in the seatpost, Concor, and SR crankset/bb. Anyone know what it might be worth? He was wanting 5 bills and I don't think he's ready to budge much. My guess was 3-400 how it sits but I'm not 3Rensho expert.

zazenzach 04-14-14 08:02 PM

what is it's tubing?

with all those accesories, $500 seems about right to me, atleast in my market.

tmh657 04-14-14 08:49 PM

What kind of seat post and headset? Is the Concor in good shape? If so it has some decent value. Do the math on what the parts are worth and work back from there. Check SOLD listings on ebay. You may not find many. I have only seen one on my Craig's List and bought it 2 years ago. It was mostly original with the Dura Ace AX group and in rough shape. The wheels were done.

I sold off the parts and built it up with alloy 10 speed Campagnolo. If the parts are worth north of $200 and you could haggle south of $500 I would not hesitate to buy it. It's a little bit twitchy IMO but a heck of a fun ride. You may never see another one in your size outside of ebay. Ishiwata 022 is good stuff. Not sure why the ebay links are not live. 3M%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 &rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

russd32 04-14-14 09:17 PM

Thanks fellas. I believe the seatpost is SR like the crankset. The Concor isn't in bad shape but it's not great. You are probably right though, I'd say there's $2-250 in parts if you ebay them. That would make the frame pretty affordable. I'm going to kick it around a bit but I'll probably pass on it since I have enough bikes and projects. If anyone else is interested let me know and I can get you in contact with the guy.

zukahn1 04-14-14 10:06 PM

I'm fairly conservative on price when it comes to project frames but with the nice paint crank BB, headset and SR fluted post. I would say you could do OK at $300 or less maybe $350-400 if it's your size and you intend to keep it.

KonAaron Snake 04-15-14 10:27 AM

I wouldn't sell it for less than $500 personally. I would estimate the frame would sell for around 600ish on eBay naked, plus parts. As far as whether it's worth it to you - only you can say, but I doubt you'd have much trouble recouping $500. Lots of things are good deals, but it doesn't mean we want them.

russd32 04-15-14 11:35 AM

Thanks everyone! After kicking it around in my head I think I'm going to take a pass on this one. I think I probably could come clean (or even make a buck) on it at $500 as others have said, but I just don't think I need another project taking up space and $$. I'll leave it for another to build and enjoy. If anyone is interested the guy has a very poorly written CL add for Bloomington, IL and I'd be willing to help with the deal.

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