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tsappenfield 04-16-14 09:24 AM

Concord Freedom 10
In a couple more weeks, I'm off to the Ann Arbor bike swap meet to clear out my basement. One of the five bikes I'm taking along to flip is a Concord Freedom 10 in "cherry condition". With a frame size of 61 cm, it is definitely for a tall dude. I bought it for $25. What should I ask for this bike? Also, with a serial number of 78 1 11856, am I safe in assuming that this bike was built in 1978?


Realsteel95 04-27-14 05:40 PM

I can't say for sure about the serial number but if the Concord is in great shape you could probably get $60 for it. They are lower end ten speed bikes but they are sturdy and would be suitable for someone who wants a bike to commute with or a not so serious rider who wants a road bike. 1978 sounds accurate for the year.

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