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westyat7000 04-19-14 05:48 PM

Help with iding a Lemond, I think I'm close.
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Hello all,
I'm trying to figure out what year and model this Lemond is, and I think I may be close. From the searching that I have done, it looks like a 97 Reno, with one slight difference. When I searched the web for images, the Renos that I saw say "Reno" on the top tube. And where that is supposed to be on my bike, it has Gregs signature. (a decal). Also, this bike is black, the catalog states that the Reno came in Violet.
Is this a variation?
Is this even a Reno?
Maybe a respray?
The rear drop outs are stamped Lemond.
The rest of the bike has been heavily altered, and I don't think much of anything is original.
Any idea of the value of the frame set (frame, fork, Shimano 600 headset) in a moderate market?
Thank you in advance.

westyat7000 04-24-14 06:52 AM

Any thoughts?

bargainguy 04-26-14 04:03 PM

'97 Reno has TrueTemper frame tubing while your photo looks like a Reynolds 853 sticker:

Perusing the Lemond catalogs on the vintage-trek website, looks like the top tube Lemond signature came in '98. If it's really an 853 bike, my guess is '98 or '99 as many (not all) frames were made of 853 then (some 525).

bikemig 04-26-14 04:28 PM

Those MKS lambda pedals rock; keep them for your commuter.

westyat7000 04-26-14 04:34 PM

Thanks for the reply bargainguy.

There is a 853 sticker on the bike, in addition since I first posted this inquiry, I've figured out the frame has definitaly been repainted. The marking "Lizart" was a giveaway. I guess I didn't give it much of a look before I posted.
Also, the "Lemond" on the dropouts has been painted over, and after doing some searching, I'm guessing it was not originally painted.

I also tried to do some searching for serial number dating, and didn't have much luck. I did contact Trek and asked them if they could help me out with the S#, and I'm still waiting on that. By the way, the bottom bracket is marked "000 4082" and "L310055".

I'll report back with any information I get from Trek.
Thanks again.

westyat7000 04-26-14 04:36 PM

Originally Posted by bikemig (Post 16704464)
Those MKS lambda pedals rock; keep them for your commuter.

Thanks bikemig, this bike had been built into a bit of a commuter by the PO. I've removed the pedals and they are up on the parts shelf waiting.

bargainguy 04-26-14 05:36 PM

Well, if Liz slapped the correct 853 sticker on the frame and it has stamped Lemond drops, you're in business. 853 is a really nice ride and other than OX Platinum, really one of the two finest steel frame materials for the marque. The Lemond stickers on the seat and down tube look just a bit hinky but she might not have had originals available.

Complete 853 Lemonds generally start around $600 depending on components. With your mismatched parts, probably less. That having been said, if you have any compulsion to ride this bike instead of selling it, keep it. Steel frames of this quality have a way of growing on you. Just make sure the Lemond geometry (long top tube, slack angles) is in keeping with your riding style.

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