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digger531 04-20-14 07:02 AM

Cinelli mountain bike????
Does anyone know anything about this?

OK,...I am sure there are a few of you that do. Could you please share your knowledge with the rest of us?

Rare Cinelli Mountain Bike

howsteepisit 04-20-14 10:21 AM

If its used very little, how come the tires are worn out? From what i can find, its a 1 yr effort that was made by Gary Fisher. decent bike, but MT Bikes typically don't carry value like road bikes. But to a collector, a rare cinelli mt bike may be quite valuable if you were to clean it and refurbish it.

FastJake 04-20-14 10:53 AM

I don't know much about them but they are indeed rare. I saw a Colnago MTB for sale once that I almost bought but I think it was missing the original fork.

Anyway, this one appears to be in good shape besides being dirty and neglected. It's a cool bike for sure. If you plan to ride it make sure you go through all the bearings, I'm betting they need to be cleaned and re-greased.

The seatpost slammed down like that worries me. Make sure the seatpost and stem aren't stuck before you buy!!! I have no idea what these are worth but at that price I expect it to sit for a while. Give it a few weeks then if it looks decent make him a low cash offer in person.

KonAaron Snake 04-20-14 12:21 PM

As another person said, I think these were Gary Fishers with Cinelli stickers, though the tubing makes it interesting. If it had campy MTB parts that would be a whole different ball park, but as it sits, I would be conservative about adding a lot of value for the italian'ness/weirdness of it. It's really hard to give you a number since I haven't seen many of these sell - I've seen a few at high numbers sit on eBay, but I haven't seen many actual sales.

If I were buying as a flip - I'm not even sure I would at anything over parts value given how MTBs tend to sit. If I were buying for me, I think I'd hold out for something less "interesting" and something more outright HAWT, like an MB-1, a Chance, etc.

There is no way in hell I'd go in at anything near his asking price, but that's me. If the Cinelli stickers really do something for you, pay what it's worth to you.

Frenchosa 04-21-14 05:31 PM

Those pedals are Sun Tour, which are worth about $50. and the Suntour XC Pro thumbies also bring nice coin.

If the bike was presented better.. I think it could get $300 to $400 to the right person...

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