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GhostSS 07-11-14 03:08 AM

Early 90's Fila Milano
?Vintage FILA Road Bicycle ?

There isn't a lot on the net about this bike, although one person on Yahoo mentioned it was fairly low end. Do those forks look bent? Also would it be even worth the asking price just for the uniqueness/quirk factor?

oddjob2 07-11-14 04:49 AM

That bike is in rough condition. All the aluminum components are oxidized, the tires look crunchy, so it's more than likely, the hub, crank bearings, freewheel, and headset need a full service overhaul and cleaning. As presented, the bike is worth about 1/3 of asking price IMHO.

The fork looks fine.

There have been bikes from every consumer products company, even the not so healthy ones, like Tim Horton Coffee and Donuts, Marlboro Cigarettes, Browning Firearms, Mt. Dew, etc. While unque, it doesn't make them carry a market premium.

Bianchigirll 07-11-14 04:52 AM

Some does look funny about them. It isn't too low end maybe around $450ish MSRP depending on the frame. RX100 was a step down from 105 back then.

I believe Fila was a sports wear company that somehow got into selling bikes.

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