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gasndlaksdn 07-18-14 01:51 PM

Which peugeot is this?

As it's from an ad, I only have this one photo... sorry, it's poor quality.

The seller listed it as aluminum. Judging by the low-profile pedals, it looks like a middle or high end model. I'm guessing mid 1980s?

Thanks for the help.

JamesRL 07-18-14 01:56 PM

Ha, I saw that ad too.

Pretty sure it isn't aluminum but steel.

JamesRL 07-18-14 02:03 PM

Chromed unicrown fork would put it early 90s I think.

It is a big bike, if it fits, then for $60 its fine, if you needed a steel fork, $60 is also fine. Good parts bike if nothing else.

If you buy it for parts, I will give you $20 for the saddle. I'd like a white one for a project.

Bianchigirll 07-18-14 02:35 PM

I agree steel but definitely a nicer model as well. I don't have a link for it but there is a website with tonnes of Peugeot catalogs. I would start around '88.

Chombi 07-18-14 06:46 PM

The crankset on the bike (which I think is avery basic Stronglight model 100) does not look promising, in terms of it being possibly a higher model bike. Brakes seem to be nutted too, so I'd say that there's a good posibility that the bike is post 1984, HLE framed, entry level bike with maybe a few mods here and there...... What seems to be a "Unicrown" fork for is not favorable either..... Definitely a main line design Peugeot fork though, from the awkward and almost abrupt looking bend at the bottom.....
Better pics please.... for us to make a better assessment....

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