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Roger M 09-04-14 10:07 AM

Merlin Cycles, Leeds(early/mid 70s)
I'm looking at an old Merlin frame/fork/headset. It's in pretty good shape for the age, with the normal scrapes from use. 531 tubes, fender/rack mounts/chrome stays and fork ends, and it fits me. No, I don't have any pictures.

The seller didn't have a number in mind when I asked "How much?". Anyone know what it's worth? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I believe it's of the Bob Jackson era of Merlin

juvela 09-04-14 06:02 PM

date given would make it post fire so yes from the jrj time.

forum could give more/better information about the frame if imagery could be erected or linked to.

always enjoy a nice steel kestrel. ;)

Roger M 09-04-14 06:11 PM

Yeah, pictures would be nice, but I don't have any at the moment.

A couple more notables: Headtube lugs are chrome
Rear spacing is 120

juvela 09-04-14 06:24 PM

some of the merlins at this time were constructed with zeus gran sport dropouts. is this example campag or zeus?

btw - in case you are interested, replacement transfers are available.

Roger M 09-04-14 06:25 PM

Zeus dropouts

The decals are in pretty decent shape.

juvela 09-05-14 01:12 PM

thank you for the response Roger M. :)

at this time many of the framesets being produced which were transferred as merlin, bob jackson and jrj were subcontracted to cottage builders and delivered to the jackson facility in bare metal for paint and transfers.

might be difficult to impossible to learn the actual constructor.

if you purchase frame under discussion perhaps you will be able to upload some illustration.

had one merlin come through which we were able to date as 1968-69. it was white with red panels and was fitted with zeus ends.

juvela 09-10-14 01:35 PM

Hello again Roger M,

you may well have found this already but there is a good deal of Merlin history information posted at classic lightweights -

Merlin Brothers frame builders

Merlin Cycles (E.A. and A.L. Merlin)

J R J (Bob Jackson)

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