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dweenk 09-04-14 02:21 PM

Questions about Fondriest
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There is a guy selling a Fondriest Salsa with Campy Veloce components. He doesn't know the age of the bike, but it is steel. It is my size, but I can find no specs or equivalent bikes online. It appears to be a late 90's model (judging from the paint job). The fork is metal, either plated steel or aluminum. Anyone know the approximate value? BTW, the condition is good to very good.

TugaDude 09-05-14 03:50 PM

How much is the guy wanting? Not enough info to hazard even a guess, but Fondriest is a well known, high end brand. I have noticed that their frames are very pricey when new but used ones are sometimes had at bargain levels. The forks are chrome plated steel. Aluminum forks on a steel bike would be weird to say the least.

Fondriest was still making steel framed bikes last I heard and the new frames are around $2000 and up.

Close up pics of the frame, type of steel, etc. would help in valuation.

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