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raccoonhands 09-12-14 12:25 AM

Ross Super Gran Tour, value beyond my ideal bike?
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I lucked out finding it on craigslist for $40, a few hours work and a derailer cable and the thing just flies. My perfect size, 62cm, and I think the geometry must be slightly different than other 62cm frames I've had because it fits noticeably better. So it's priceless to me, just wondering what value the world might see in it.

1979 Ross Professional, Super Gran Tour. Hi-Tensile 1020 frame. Shimano 600 Arbesque component set. Araya alloy wheels.

I've seen Super Gran Tours on ebay in the $400 range, pristine condition, but those are CroMo frames. I realize HiTen is not in demand.

So basically my question is: what's a complete Shimano 600 Arabesque group worth? Can it really be ~$300 as seen on ebay?

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