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killian21 11-10-14 12:33 PM

Older Schwinn Prelude
Hey all,

I'm selling my 1996 Trek 1220 and am looking for a backup commuter and/or bike to put on the trainer. I've been looking for a cheap option because I likely won't ride it a lot. Came across this older Schwinn Prelude for $80.00. It fits and rides well, good deal?

Scooper 11-10-14 12:52 PM

Yes; it's a good deal for $80, even with the added color. ;)

It appears to be an '86 in Gunmetal.

1986 Schwinn Prelude specifications

oddjob2 11-10-14 12:53 PM

Excellent deal.

vanvanj 11-10-14 02:24 PM

Jump on it!!!

daf1009 11-10-14 08:58 PM

For what you want to do? ABSOLUTELY GOOD DEAL...

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