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Johnny 831 11-18-14 12:35 PM

'80 Nishiki Olympic 12 Speed (Kawamura)
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Hi all! This is my Nishiki Olympic 12 Speed from 1980. "Hand crafted in Japan" Kawamura, Suntour ARX components, Sugino GT cranks. Picked it up for $80 along with a Galaxy II Precision 10 spd (which is a piece of junk but got me a better deal on the Nishiki). Just curious what people thought about it, what it might fetch around Nor Cal. This is my go to bike when I want to get a good ride in. Thanks all, cheers!

TugaDude 11-18-14 02:31 PM

You are in a pretty high dollar market for bikes so you will find it an easy sale probably. How much have you spent refurbishing it? The seat post isn't original, but that doesn't affect value to a non collector. Tange #5 is decent but not high end. Crankset with drillium is attractive to many and that is a great crankset, btw.

Finally, Kawamura is a big plus. At least to those in the know. In my area, $175.00 ready to ride. In yours, guessing $250.00.

Johnny 831 11-18-14 06:45 PM

Originally Posted by TugaDude (Post 17318786)
How much have you spent refurbishing it?

I haven't had to spend any money refurbishing, the seat came with the bike. I just broke it down, regressed the hubs and what not, put it back together and it rides great. Just put in 12 miles today no prob. Thanks for the info!

daf1009 11-19-14 10:12 AM

In the Atlanta market...probably some where around $175 - $200...

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