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peddle88 11-25-14 03:46 AM

Sunbeam, Need help with finding out the value
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I believe it might be a "Royal" sunbeam but I can't be sure

frame number 166589

Its in a state seeing as its been in a garage for many year,

I have been lucky enough to inherit this one and a new hudson both i'm looking at doing up,

any advice or ideas on a price would be great!

Thanks in advance

zazenzach 11-25-14 04:50 AM

appears pre-war. Are you a Brit? There was an English company called Sunbeam that operated in the early 20th century.

with bikes like these, condition is everything. we need to see clearer more detailed photos.

peddle88 11-26-14 05:38 PM

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I've put all the images up on flickr,

Thanks :D

zazenzach 11-26-14 07:17 PM

If you google "Sunbeam Royal" or "Sunbeam bicycles" there is a wealth of knowledge about the company.

Yours appears to be a single speed Sunbeam Royal Light from 1932-1933. Though I honestly can't see what's going on with the rear hub all too well- so it might be a sturmy archer 3 speed. take a look and see if it has a date code on there (it would also be the year of the bike).

The condition is also really poor. if you intend on getting money out of it you need to take it apart, remove all rust, clean up and regrease it. saddle might be toast, i cant say for sure.

Others know more about pricing, but as is for me, i would have to be given the bike for free to make it worth my time.

TugaDude 11-28-14 12:57 AM

Originally Posted by wrk101 (Post 17345344)
Looks like a 3 speed indicator chain hanging loose out of that rear hub.

+1, likely a 3 speed. Old doesn't equal valuable necessarily. Lots of work to restore that one.

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