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coolcamaro12 12-31-14 03:06 PM

Is this worth the asking price?
26" SPECIALIZED HARDROCK MOUNTAIN BIKE ((( MEN'S ))) I think I can get the seller down to $100 IMO. I felt like I should have thrown it in the c&v because it is an earlier mountain bike. Is it worth it for the price?

lostarchitect 12-31-14 03:12 PM

I don't know much about mountain bikes, but from what I can see I'd guess that $100 is a nice price for that. It looks to be in good shape.

sonatageek 12-31-14 03:49 PM

Ready to ride and the right size I would pay $100 for one. If it needed tires or anything I would want to be closer to $70-80.

oddjob2 01-01-15 03:43 AM

That frame looks more like a 17" seat tube. Kind of maxes out for a 5'8" rider IMHO. Hard Rock prices are all over the map in the Detroit area. If the paint is clean, without material scuffs or oxidation, and the bike is in ready to ride shape, $100 is a good deal.

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