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NotaRider1234 01-29-15 07:46 AM

Klein Adroit --- Estimated value
Sorry if I'm not doing this correctly but I'm new to the Forum. I'm trying to get an estimated value for the following bike. I understand that if it had the original front fork it would be worth quite a bit. Could anyone tell me an estimate on what it is worth in the current condition. I will try to post as many pictures as I can just so you can get an idea of what it is worth.
Thanks for the help.

repechage 01-29-15 08:17 AM

Unfortunately the images come up thumbnail sized.

NotaRider1234 01-29-15 09:43 AM

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Originally Posted by repechage (Post 17510619)
Unfortunately the images come up thumbnail sized.

Thanks ... Trying again.

vanvanj 01-29-15 01:19 PM

I would say anywhere between $450-600 + or - depending on where you live, etc

NotaRider1234 01-30-15 05:50 PM

Originally Posted by vanvanj (Post 17511687)
I would say anywhere between $450-600 + or - depending on where you live, etc

Thanks Appreciate the help on it.

vanvanj 01-31-15 06:39 PM

no problem, good luck

Robeyer 06-12-20 08:21 AM

I have the same bike, but with a broken fork (1997 model) would the valuation of 450-600 still hold up today? It's been very hard to find any koi adroits for sale on the web.

mtbikerjohn 06-14-20 06:02 AM

You can post it on one of the Klein owners groups on Facebook. You would get more responses and interest there.By the way,your Marzocchi Bomber fork would draw interest too. There are several older mountain bike groups (pre-2000) on Facebook that you should try. Adroits are nice frames..I had a Rascal that I really liked a lot.John

Myles Quarter 06-14-20 06:29 AM

That is a beautiful bike...

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