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alexander55 02-27-15 09:59 AM

25th Anniversary Team Fuji
It may be a little too new for conversation here...but I am curious about the value of a 25th Anniversary Team Fuji. Very clean bike with a Shimano 600 group. True Temper RCX2 tubing. Can't find much on-line about it. Assume it from 1995.

It is newer than anything else in my "collection" but it is a pretty machine.

Thoughts? Value?


willydstyle 02-27-15 10:09 AM

Pics? I don't know crap about value, but I love seeing pictures of pretty old bikes.

SJX426 02-27-15 11:05 AM

1995 is old!?

willydstyle 02-27-15 12:19 PM

Originally Posted by SJX426 (Post 17589545)
1995 is old!?

20 years is older than a lot of pro riders.

SJX426 02-27-15 12:40 PM

Its a frame of reference thing. I rarely judge age based on pro riders for nearly anything. In fact, never thought of that reference point! Guess it doesn't have any value to me.

zazenzach 02-27-15 09:06 PM

IIRC RCX2 was higher end thin walled tubing. So be careful, I wouldn't get on that if I was a heavier guy. Its going to be comparable if not better to your Schwinn Peloton (in terms of tubing) which was SL/SP.

I know nothing of Kansas City's bike market. If its slower, then wrk101's evaluation is correct. In a booming market like mine, I'd imagine it going for about $350-400, ride ready and with good presentation

alexander55 02-27-15 10:01 PM

Thanks all. It was listed at $250 OBO. It looked really clean in the photos. I decided it was just a little too new for what I want to collect. Which was fine - because when I went to look at it again tonight - the posting was gone. I am assuming it sold. Thanks again.

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