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zwiens 03-02-15 09:14 PM

Peugeot Club UO5 vs Peugeot mixte
Hi, I'm looking for a new bike for commuting, I'm a student so price is a bit of a concern.

There's two bikes I've found I'll link them. Dollars are canadian

This one I can pay 200 (UO5) - VINTAGE PEUGEOT ROADBIKE

And this one 170 (Mixte)- VINTAGE PEUGEOT ROAD BIKE

Do you guys think these bikes are worth the price? And if so which one is better.

I'm leaning to the UO5 as it is a 10 speed, and there are a few hills in my commute

oddjob2 03-02-15 09:21 PM

Both are overpriced. The cheaper one is NOT a mixte. Google Mixte bike and you will see the difference.

howsteepisit 03-02-15 09:25 PM

And the cheeper one may well have a bent fork, I cannot tell if its camera angle or bent.

zwiens 03-02-15 09:28 PM

Hm, I didn't notice that. I'll write that one off since I don't really want to deal with any repairs right now

zwiens 03-02-15 09:29 PM

What do you think the 1st one is worth? And thanks, I thought I had found the right model, guess not.

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