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RobE30 11-13-15 08:26 PM

Centurion Elite RS
I'm offering this in one of 3 ways,

1) complete with drop bars (gotta source your own brake levers though) and Performance wheelset (very nice wheelset) OR 8spd 105 w/ gray anodized Wolber rims add $75. ~ $225
2) everything pictured minus wheels, bars and rack etc. ~ $175
3) frame and fork ~ $115

It's in decent shape with a little bit of crust around the bb but nothing terrible. I can get better pictures in the morning.

It has a semi complete Cyclone group that is in good shape and functions well.

Any questions, please ask!


icepick_trotsky 11-13-15 09:41 PM


fender1 11-13-15 10:03 PM

Originally Posted by icepick_trotsky (Post 18318104)

somewhere between 0 and 100 centimeters......:p

TimmyT 11-13-15 10:35 PM

Originally Posted by fender1 (Post 18318133)
somewhere between 0 and 100 centimeters......:p

I'm going to guess 58cm with a 57cm top tube.

RobE30 11-14-15 11:54 AM

Originally Posted by icepick_trotsky (Post 18318104)

Picky, picky....

seat tube- 58cm c-t top tube- 56cm c-c

seedsbelize 11-14-15 02:46 PM

Exactly my size and a nice color scheme too. But I remain on the wagon indefinitely, at least until I come up with a shipping address. In the USA.

RobE30 11-17-15 06:53 PM


RobE30 11-27-15 08:42 AM

Black friday bump!!!!

RobE30 12-03-15 01:45 PM

Let's move this along people. It'd make a great Christmas present to yourself

RobE30 01-30-16 04:02 PM

New year, new bike

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