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jwarren879 09-15-16 08:38 PM

1987 Trek Elance 400D For Sale
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I have a 1987 Trek Elance 400D I'd like to sell. I purchased this about a year ago with the intent of using it to haul my daughter in a chariot trailer, but it has sat mainly unused in that time. I've put maybe a total of 50 miles on it. We're in the process of moving and I'd like to consolidate the few bikes I have left to help with the move.

Overall, this bike is in excellent condition with nearly all of its original components. I measure the frame out to be 19", but take a look at the photos to gauge for your self. As far as I can tell, the components match those listed in the trek brochure for 1987, other than the Specialized tires and saddle.

Brochure info:




I'd like $200 for it, which I think is a fair price given the condition. Let me know if you're interested. I'm located in the St. Louis, MO area and would prefer to sell locally for the time being.

I also have numerous vintage dura ace and other Shimano components (cranks, derailleurs, shifters, stem, wheels, etc.) I will be listing for sale in the near future.

jwarren879 09-15-16 08:45 PM

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Additional pictures

RobE30 09-16-16 05:17 AM

Nice bike. I had one a few years ago and enjoyed it. Your price is decent too

Don Buska 09-16-16 09:04 AM

Agreed nice bike. I just sold one for $250 less than a year ago. Mine was a little taller (to tall for me). Mine also had Campy hubs so that acounted for the extra $50 ;) In that condition $200 should be an easy sale - good luck.

bamab2 09-19-16 01:49 PM

Not local to you but interested. I sent you a PM before I realized you probably can't get it. What's the stand over on this bike? Shoot me an email if you like.

jwarren879 09-20-16 09:27 AM

I measured the standover at a little over 29.5".

jwarren879 10-06-16 05:05 PM

Still available.

RobbieTunes 10-06-16 05:40 PM

Good price. I had one, thought enough of it to paint it and put new decals. Should have kept it. Super Smooth.

The Golden Boy 10-08-16 08:17 AM

I've got an 86- it's a fantastic bike.

For whatever it's worth- the main frame is butted 531 and the fork and stays are TruTemper CrMo.

bamab2 10-19-16 04:42 PM

Did you ever sell this one?

cdavi 11-08-16 02:09 PM

Still for sale?
Are you still looking to sell this bike? I am looking to bid on the same frame on ebay, but this is a much better deal!

icepick_trotsky 11-08-16 02:49 PM

If this is still around, I might know someone interested in this and I am local to you. Let me know.

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