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rhm 11-13-16 07:57 AM

1974 Fuji Racer, "the Ace", 61 cm
This was the first year they offered the Ace, the first Fuji equipped with Shimano components, first generation Dura Ace.

The bike came to me with a mix of mostly cheesier components (though perhaps the original front derailleur and bottom bracket cable guide). I have tracked down most of the correct original parts including brakes and levers, crank, hubs, shifters, Crane derailleur; but not the correct headset, rims, seat or seatpost.
The frame is not damaged in any way, but there are numerous scratches and some surface rust mainly on the top tube, down tube near the shifters, and top of the fork crown.

I'm trying to link in photos, but don't seem to have that down yet. Will try again later. Still trying to get the hang of the Flickr mobile app!

I was thinking $350 plus shipping, price determined by the part out value of the components.

bikemig 11-13-16 11:08 PM

Nice color; very cool bike.

Lascauxcaveman 11-14-16 12:48 PM

Oh, geeze. Yet ANOTHER cool vintage bike, reasonably priced, and just my size. THere's been a rash of them here, lately. I believe I'm going to have to stop clicking in the For Sale subform for awhile. :(

seedsbelize 11-14-16 01:03 PM

As soon as you do that, you'll miss a derailleur you've been looking for.

RobE30 11-14-16 01:09 PM

Text incoming

Vonruden 11-14-16 04:44 PM

Oh my size and I know where Rudi lives...super tempting, please grab it Rob as I'm maxed out.

rhm 11-14-16 04:52 PM

Still available! It's too big for Rob. Speaking of whom.... Did everyone congratulate Rob on increasing his Darwinian fitness? Or his new home? I'd love to sell him this bike, but maybe this isn't the time.

WolfRyder 11-14-16 08:49 PM

That is a nice bike, looks clean and like the color and price is right. I could still ride it ok but 61 cm is a touch too big for me. Still thinking about it. Did have some feelers out on a couple bikes, got one response back about a 59cm Bianchi. Might have to see how that one pans out.

smeagol217 02-06-17 08:16 AM

Hi rhm
Interested in your ACE if this is still available. PM please. ty

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