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guygadois 03-23-17 09:52 PM

WTB: Umbrella basket for older vintage Silca pump
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I am looking for a umbrella pump basket for an older Silca frame pump. Most basket I have seen are too small to hold the larger top on this Silca. Pump. I am not worried about condition. My pump is thrashed and it is going on my Flying Scot that has 50 years of patina on it. Anyone got one?


qcpmsame 03-24-17 05:22 AM

Is the larger opening the Campy umbrella's type? If that is what you need I have an NOS one for you, not being used at all. Its yours if it will work.


juvela 03-25-17 03:33 PM


Campag, REG and Zeus all offered umbrellas for this size.

I prolly have some of each "in the files."

If you wish, send PM.


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