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stausty 10-20-17 11:07 AM

WTB - Cyclone/Crane derailleurs + fenders + bar-ends shifters...
Looking for parts to build up a '79 Trek into a reasonable commuter for the Seattle winters. Turns out it rains more often here than in Australia. Parts I'm hunting for include:

- Decent period-appropriate (and subjectively good-looking) derailleurs. Early Suntour Cyclone or possibly Shimano Crane RD. No claw. Something similar for the FD (clamp-on).

- 5s [12-14] to [24-28] freewheel. IRD or similar shaped-tooth one desired.

- Friction bar-end shifters + the necessary downtube clamp-on cable stop.

- Narrow-ish fenders for 700c x 25 mm tires with maybe not the most brake clearance in the world.

- 32t x 110 bcd chainring.

- Usual bike overhaul items: cables, housing, 6/7/8s chain

Would be great to get pick these up from a C+Ver before heading off to snipe auctions or pray to Craig for List bounty.

nesteel 10-20-17 11:30 AM

I have a set of first gen Cyclone derailleurs, and bar end shifters. PM and we'll work it out.

smontanaro 10-21-17 06:02 AM

You said 79 Trek. Did it originally come with 27-inch wheels? If so, massage you could squeeze in something wider @ 700c?

Chrome Molly 10-21-17 09:07 AM

Have a Crane RD and probably also the FW. PM if interested.

stausty 10-22-17 10:45 AM

Got everything on my list! Thanks!

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