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scozim 05-27-19 09:04 PM

Parts sale - pedals, freewheels, LX fd, barends
I've spotted another bike I'd be interested in (I must be crazy, I know. And, yes, it's French). Got some parts up for sale that I'm not planning on using. All prices are shipped. Everything will be cleaned before shipping.

Dia Compe 981 cantilever brakes: $25

Kyokuto Pro Vic II pedals with toe clips (no straps) $20 Sold

Mavic pedals/Christophe clips/Binda straps - $60 Sold

Suntour barend shifters (one is missing the "cap" for the screw) but they worked just fine on my mtb drop bar conversion - $25 Sold

Shimano Deore LX triple front derailleur 28.6mm clamp, bottom pull - $15

scozim 05-27-19 09:10 PM

Campagnolo English thread bb - $15 Sold

Freewheels - to be cleaned before shipping. I've only had one on my bikes. The others came off wheels that I acquired.

Shimano MF 7012, 13-21 6 spd - $15

Shimano 600 (6208) 6 spd, 13-21 - $20

Shimano Dura Ace 7400, 7spd 13-21 - $25

Suntour Winner Pro, 7 spd, 12-21 - $30 (note takes 4 prong removal tool)

twagster 05-27-19 11:37 PM

I'd like the bar end shifters.

rancho66 05-28-19 04:24 AM

PM sent on Campagnolo English thread bb.

Shrevvy 05-28-19 05:26 AM

PM sent on Mavic pedals.

scozim 05-28-19 07:33 AM

Originally Posted by twagster (Post 20950355)
I'd like the bar end shifters.

PM sent

Reco Very 05-28-19 11:07 AM

Kyokuto pedals
Pm on the way.

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