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Ronsonic 12-25-19 10:14 PM

GT Lotto 2000 Season Team Bike
Time for me to move this one. Had a blast with it but the geo would be perfect for a younger version of me not the old guy who owns it.

Person I got this from found the frame hanging in a Belgian bike shop on a cyclo-pilgrimage years ago.Said to have been built and used as a roof-top spare for the two tall domestiques they had that year. He built it up and rode it for years, confesses to the wear and tear. This is my build, all Campy Daytona 10s and Zonda wheels. Everything works and runs nicely. This bike's never given me a hiccup. The fork is a Time that looks correct but is not original. Der hanger is the weird "half-axx" looking thing that you see on all the team bikes but not on the replicas. I have no idea why they did that but the der hangers are not interchangeable between them.

Geo: Seat tube 56 CtC, top tube 59 CtC and head tube is 170 end to end.
Condition. No dents, bends or gouges. Number of small paint chips and scuffage to decals from use.
Build: Drivetrain, shifters, brakes, cranks, levers all 2001, 10s Campy Daytona. Nearly new BB bearings Chain less than 1,000 miles all works smooth and correct
Rolling Stock: Campagnolo Zonda wheels, dead true and run smooth. Previous owner's brake misadjustment had scuffed sides of rim. Tires are Conti Ultra-Sport 25mm
Fit bits: Deda Stem and seat post. The seat post gave way on hard bumps twice in the last couple years, I don't like that part. Bars are Ritchey WCS. Saddle is a Fabric shallow. No pedals attached. Have some cheap Shimano's I can sell with if you like
Bonus Time, Baby: will throw in replica Lotto-Adecco-GT jersey in size Large, black handlebar tape and two brake cable inners in case you don't like the Moto brake routing.
Asking $1200 shipped in lower 48.

RaleighSport 12-26-19 10:55 AM

Damn too tall for me, and thank god too tall for me! Good luck with the sale, should make someone very happy.

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