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verktyg 05-23-20 06:06 PM

ISO: 1960's Peugeot PX-10 Blue/Yellow Lugs
Looking for an early 60's blue and yellow Peugeot PX-10, 54cm to 57cm C-t-T in reasonable condition. Looking for a complete bike. Patina OK but NO RUST or dents.

Restored 1959 bike:

Something like this 1962 PX-10 would be great!

verktyg :50:

juvela 05-23-20 06:30 PM


forum member wschellen recently took in one as a complete machine he dates as 1963

purchased for parts

IIRC frame looks a bit large for the 58-60 range


Vonruden 05-23-20 06:35 PM

Iíll take any in the 60-62 cm range :)

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