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Brewsmith 06-03-20 02:49 PM

FS: Brooks B17 Champion Imperial Saddle - Black

Overall in good shape with some typical scuffs and signs of use, the most significant being on the back along the rivets. As far as I can tell, the bolt has never been tensioned, proofhide just applied and the leather feels nice and soft. Asking $57 shipped CONUS

More pics HERE

mountaindave 06-04-20 05:29 AM

Iím game, PM sent.

rocks in head 06-04-20 08:25 AM

Darn. Seconds!

jjames1452 06-04-20 04:53 PM


mountaindave 07-11-20 10:27 AM

I bought some 3mm leather boot strap (leather matches leather :thumb:), re-laced the saddle, and thoroughly enjoyed a 45 mile gravel ride that included 3000'+ vertical this week with nary a mark on my tush (no cycling shorts/adult diaper used either!).

Thanks again!


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