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unworthy1 07-26-20 08:04 PM

When you come to a fork in the road...
Take it! Apologies to Yogi Berra, but that's good advice! I recently sold a chrome Tange fork to a C&Ver and that sale prompted another member to ask if I had forks for sale. Yes, I do have a few. The first up is a Specialized that Jetthin has dibs on, but if he declines it's on the block (or in the road). the details on this are:

tomato red paint, sloping external-socket crown with "S" logo engraved in tops, forged unbranded forkends, 182mm of steerer and about 35mm of threading. the condition of paint is so-so, some scratches/scrapes and a small bit of rust on the tips of the crown and on the ends, Allen head recessed brake bolt and has 27.0 crownrace.. This may have come off an Allez or a Sirus frame. pix below

He also inquired about forks for a different project needing 210mm of steerer which I don't have but DO have a different Specialized fork (red) and a Nishiki fork (yellow) but both have 200mm steerers. Pix of these will follow soon.

I will update this as to whether it's available or sold, AND the price, plus with pix of my other forks and those this space!

jethin 07-26-20 08:14 PM

Iím going to regret this, but Iím going to pass on this fork ó itís just a little to moderne for my ~74 frame. I really appreciate your offer to help. Now somebody snatch up this nice fork!

unworthy1 07-26-20 08:21 PM

Fair enough, jethin I think you're right this is an '80s fork and would look out of place on a 1974 people who are looking for something more "moderne" , depending on your location I'm thinking $40 as-is and delivered to most lower 48 states via USPS, but have to test with their "price calculator" if you are very far from SF, CA. It should be pretty close to $40, I think.

More pix and prices for other forks to follow.

unworthy1 07-27-20 09:38 AM

Here's the next on offer: I wrote a note that it came off a Nishiki frame, but have no memory of what model or any other details except what I see and measure: it's 700C and sort of an "aero" style, with semi "teardrop" profile Tange blades and a narrow internal-socket crown; for Allen head recessed brake; chrome plated forged but not stamped ends; steerer is 202mm with approx 35mm threading, it has the 6 ridges of Tange style rifling in the base; crown race is 27.0mm. You can see where the yellow paint is scraped and scratched and there's a small patch of rust on the crown but it's not too bad, I did no clean-up or waxing before the pix were shot.
Price for this one a bit higher since I paid more for it than the Specialized: depending on your location and if USPS charges me what I think then approx. $50 shipped to "lower 48"

unworthy1 07-27-20 01:04 PM

Last for this batch is another red Specialized fork but it's a step up (I think) to the first: this has a semi-sloping external socket crown but sharper edges, also "S" logos engraved but no teal paint fill-in; blade decals say "Special Series Cr-Mo Double Butted" and blades have chisel cut ends; forged ends are stamped Shimano (I think); steerer is stamped TM 3 59, has 197mm with approx. 35mm threading, not sure about crown race diameter cause this fork comes with "optional" chrome steel Specialized headset, race installed, can sell with no HS if desired; takes recessed Allen head brake. Asking $59 WITH headset, and $49 WITHOUT HS, shipping by USPS to lower 48 ContUSA included
Adding pix now

3speedslow 07-28-20 07:41 PM

Pm and possible dibs on the yellow fork


unworthy1 07-29-20 09:25 AM

Update: Yellow Tange fork has a "dibs" on it by 3speedslow, the 2 Specialized red forks are still wide open and all fair game!

USAZorro 07-29-20 01:23 PM

That "S" is the Specialized pantograph.

3speedslow 07-30-20 09:07 AM


Well I did manage to get into the shed and measure the current fork. The yellow Tange is WAY to big for a 56cm frame! Dang it.

releasing my dibs to the yellow Tange, sadly...

Mr. Spadoni 07-30-20 09:50 AM

Is the 2nd Specialized fork the same price as the first? Sorry if the price was there and I missed it.

unworthy1 07-30-20 02:47 PM

Edit No I forgot to post the TWO prices, one with the Specialized HS or without AND I remeasured the steerer on S-fork #2 which is actually 197mm, just a little less than I had written on the wrapper.

So there is no longer a "Dibs" on the yellow Tange...somebody grab this, grab two!
POSSIBLY interest in the Specialized #2 from Mr. Spadoni...

I may have a very tall older Motobecane FR fork to add next, have to unwrap and inspect it...also yellow IIRC

Mr. Spadoni 07-30-20 11:02 PM

Right now, I am just thinking. I will PM if I talk myself into it. So if someone wants specialized 2,don’t hold back on my account.

unworthy1 07-31-20 01:44 PM

More updates: have potential sale of both the Specialized red #2 (WITHOUT the HS) as well as the Tange Yellow, and can confirm the race diameter for S.#2 is 26.4, whereas the Tange is 27.0.
So as of now the Specialized #1 is fully available.
Have not gotten to the Moto fork yet but it's off a lower model like the Nomade IIRC

unworthy1 08-01-20 11:52 AM

Latest Update:the Specialized #2 AND the Tange yellow are both SOLD.

Specialized #1 still available.

French fork has been unwrapped and it's different than I had imagined (go figure!) it's not yellow (but MAY have been before), it is all-chrome and the areas on blades where paint would have been are roughened, there are also some patches of "chrome all gone" so it has issues. Stamped ends with a single eyelet and one has a serial number, 235mm of FR steerer. I may give this it's own post since it will be such a small population of interest for this one but if you NEED a fork just like this.... I still need to shoot pix.

unworthy1 08-03-20 07:44 PM

Finally have some pix of the long tall French fork (might be a Motobecane, this TBD). It has some serious rust spots but I soaked this in something like oxalic acid so the rust is just rough and gray. I shot to highlight these lowlights...Has the classic deep low bend and what I'm calling a Vagner crown but may be some other (formed/welded chevron top) make. No idea what brand the blades are; the heavy stamped ends have a single eyelet and the serial number on the RH outer face of one says 310C1 or CI, not a clue for me. 235mm of steerer, of which 35mm is FR threading with the back-flat-filed (not notched).I confess I did not check if this is for 27" or 700C wheel but will get that detail and update. I think there will be such a small audience for this fork I will just say "make an offer" at this point...Pix ahoy:

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