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retroman57 08-28-20 04:45 PM

WTB: Suntour BL hanger bolt
I'm looking for a hanger bolt for a Suntour BL rear derailleur. Unthreaded portion of the bolt is 12 mm dia. x 18.25 mm. Threaded portion of the bolt is 10 mm x 6 mm. Thanks

zukahn1 08-29-20 09:01 AM

I will check my parts bin have couple of early 80's parts RD's that likely have the same bolt.

jeirvine 08-29-20 01:43 PM

If you find more than one, let me know. I have a BL and a few other Suntour RDs in need of bolts. I do have quite a few other spare bolts (they unfortunately had many variations).

zukahn1 08-29-20 02:10 PM

Only found one parts DR a AR that has what I'm petty sure is the same hanger configure and retroman57 has dibs on it.

zukahn1 08-29-20 04:13 PM

Did Some digging and found a few other Suntour bolts no washers or back nuts. 1 long 24mm, 3 medium 22mm and 1 18mm short. if anyone is interested.

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