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tiger1964 01-07-21 12:05 PM

1974 Fuji Finest Frame and Fork
OOPS! Topic says FINEST when it should have said NEWEST

I just bought this and am re-selling it. Why? I bought it as a complete bike here at BF from member hwheel72 and “harvested” the Suntour components for another bike that I have become attached to. So, I now have a superfluous frame and fork, not my size, to sell. Comes with a replacement decal set and Fuji branded saddle.

Sorry, I know almost nothing about Fujis. That said, it is fully chromed, but I would not expect "Oakland Roadster Show" quality chrome; I spent about two hours with Blue Magic polish and a rag and the finish is starting to “pop”, and I figure more polishing would help even more. That said, I found a couple of scuffs, primarily low on the forks and on the crown, through the chrome but a minute on the electric buffer with rouge and they look much better. I also found two tiny dings, one under the top tube, and one on the down tube near where a cable clamp would go — so small I doubt I could provide a photo of them. According to my tape measure, seat tube is 55cm center-to-center, 56.5cm center-to-top. Top tube 56.5 center-to-center. Chainstays 42 cm center-to-center. Our kitchen digital scale says F&F is 6LB, 4.5oz.

Original For Sale topic where hwheel72 provided excellent photos:

How does $120 plus shipping sound? As this is my first-ever sale on-line (I’ve bought stuff, given stuff away, never sold anything), I’d like to keep it simple, PayPal and continental U.S. only.

rancho66 01-08-21 05:24 AM

PM sent

tiger1964 01-08-21 09:38 AM

Originally Posted by rancho66 (Post 21867831)
PM sent

...and answered.

Therefore, sale pending.

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