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deux jambes 03-03-21 10:59 AM

Specialized branded MKS Track Pedals
Made by MKS, Specialized version of RX-1 track pedals.

Lots of evidence of use as seen by bumps, scrapes, and such. But they thread on easy, and spin smooth having been repacked not long ago.

Lightweight quill pedals for a rider with not too wide a footprint.

$30 shipped
$25 shipped SOLD

Paypal F&F or add 3% for G&S

deux jambes 03-03-21 11:00 AM

oneclick 03-03-21 11:16 AM

Here's a nice-and-not-too-difficult mod for these - and other similar - pedals. Drill and tap the cap for a stainless button-head screw; cut the screw just long enough to thread into the cap; punch the edge of the screw inside the cap to lock it:

deux jambes 03-07-21 10:37 AM

Bump with price drop.

Ocelotl 03-07-21 12:37 PM

PM Sent

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