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Brewsmith 11-24-21 11:56 PM

FS: Shimano Sante Group and Wheelset
Been hoarding this for too long and it's time to find it a home. Very nice and rarely complete Shimano Sante group with the original wheelset. Detail pics HERE I am asking $400 shipped CONUS for the following:

- Sante SL-5000 downtube shifter - excellent, a little corrosion on the right side chrome strips
- Sante FD-5000 - one slightly used 28.6mm clamp on, one NOS in box braze-on
- Sante RD-5000 - Some light scuffs on the body and light wear on the pulleys
- Sante BR-5000 brakeset, flawless to my eye
- Sante FC-5000 Crankset with Original Biopace rings and 170mm arms - Some minimal scuffs on the drive side, NDS is excellent. Nicest example of these cranks I have seen. Includes original BSA bottom bracket in equally flawless shape
- Wheelset featuring 36h Sante hubs laced to Wolber rims. Rims show little to no break wear, and both hubs spin smoothly, though fresh grease would be wise for preventative maintainence. Includes original and low mileage 13-24 7s uniglide cassette.
- Excellent, yet cageless Shimano 600 pedals as a freebie

jdawginsc 11-25-21 05:47 AM

The Shimano version of what Campy experienced with Xenon and Olympus, and Stratos, and what SunTour did with Radius and others... too much range/too many model groups in the confusing.

Sante is interesting stuff though. Supposed to be a click better than the tricolor but lower than the 7400 Dura Ace stuff? But got the lower model numbers because the tricolor had the 6000s....haha

Nice stuff! GLWTS!

bwilli88 11-25-21 10:25 AM

Are the hubs uniglide only or both uni and hyper?

jonny7 11-25-21 04:18 PM

I'm glad I just spent what was left in my monthly CV budget!

ThermionicScott 11-25-21 05:16 PM

Originally Posted by bwilli88 (Post 22319930)
Are the hubs uniglide only or both uni and hyper?

Sante was Uniglide-only, but one could easily swap on an HG freehub body. :thumb:

smoothness 11-25-21 08:52 PM

Pfft. No headset! I call shenanigans/the post title a misnomer. Impressive collection otherwise. GLWS!

Brewsmith 11-26-21 10:14 PM

Originally Posted by ThermionicScott (Post 22320306)
Sante was Uniglide-only, but one could easily swap on an HG freehub body. :thumb:

Yep, uniglide freehub on this set but swappable.

Unfortunately the headset was butchered by the original owner who also bungled the threads on the fork.

I realized I forgot the brake levers, but those are included and I'll add some photos to the album.

I have to say this set features some of the coolest engineering and minor details of any group from this era IMHO. Everything uses 4mm hex and there are lots of subtle aero/aesthetic considerations

Brewsmith 11-30-21 04:56 PM

Pics updated to include the levers. Price reduced to $350 shipped CONUS

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