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BertoBerg 12-07-21 05:50 PM

Regina Extra America Freewheel 14-25 - New


I bought this new from Boulder Bicycle and had intended to put it on my Peugeot. When I installed it I found out that my Peugeot doesn't like a 14t first cog. So, the freewheel has been mounted but never ridden on.

Cogs: 14-16-18-20-22-25


BertoBerg 12-16-21 10:44 AM

I still have this. Anyone interested?

BertoBerg 01-31-22 05:32 PM

This is still in my garage and would love to find a new home.

BertoBerg 03-23-22 08:27 PM

Still looking for a home!

BertoBerg 05-23-22 12:30 PM

Price drop!

BertoBerg 06-01-22 09:46 AM

Its a brand new Regina freewheel for $60!

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