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lasauge 06-11-22 06:22 PM

FS: 80's Medici Pro Strada 55cm Frame/Fork
Update: no longer available!
55cm seattube x 56cm toptube CTC
Asking $250 shipped in the US, will accept Paypal or Venmo.

nomadmax 06-12-22 11:29 AM

Any dents or rust?

lasauge 06-12-22 01:50 PM

Originally Posted by nomadmax (Post 22538921)
Any dents or rust?

No rust that I can see. Only dent I can find is a tiny one on the non-driveside toptube right where you'd expect one to be from a handlebar impact and you can see it in the first picture, but it's so small I can't feel it when running my finger down the tube.

alexihnen 06-12-22 02:40 PM

Nice one!

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