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lotek 07-10-07 07:01 AM

Lately we have seen more than a few sales types of postings
in the Classic & Vintage forum.
While we are a bit more forgiving when it comes to trades, barter,
request for (or notices of) PMs (or sent) there is a limit.

All for sale postings have to be done in the Market Place forum,
and yes, in order to post a new thread there you must be a
registered, upgraded member (see link in my signature for more information about that), i.e. Red star
or yellow jersey membership.

Any sales posting will be moved to trash.

And for the old timers around here (bike forum age, not chronological age)
please, lets be easier with the newer members around the issue. A gentle
reminder (sans emoticons etc.) will usually do the trick.


Tom Stormcrowe 04-09-09 05:20 PM

By popular request!
Hey all! You now have a specialized for Classic and Vintage Marketplace. It operates on the same rules as the regular marketplace,, requiring upgraded membership for thread starts. We discussed it at the Administrative level and arrived at the conclusion that CV was a specialized enough market to warrant a specific For Sale Forum.

We do ask that as your items sell, please edit your post by removing the ad and posting that the item has sold. Use it in good health! I'm going to leave this up as a sticky to explain things, and post any eventual changes, if any.

Tom Stormcrowe 04-09-09 06:38 PM

As a followup note, there is now a Classic and Vintage speciffic For Sale subforum. Look up at the top. The same conditions as the regular marketplace apply. Upgraded membership to start a threaad.

lotek 04-10-09 05:32 AM

One point Tom missed:

Prices are required in your post no make an offer threads .


Tom Stormcrowe 11-16-10 06:02 PM

***Notice To Members: PLease read
We've set a default age off of threads over 30 days with no activity. If your thread ages off, feel free to repost it. This is to create a better turnover and prevent this place from becoming a thread storage locker.

Tom Stormcrowe 01-02-12 11:51 AM

Marketplace Rules of Operation: Read Before Posting Your Ad or participating in here
  1. We don't link to Ebay Auctions, although if you have a Craig's List Ad that meets our terms of clear price, etc, that is fine.
  2. You must state a clear price
  3. We provide an infrastructure platform only, all sales are between the involved members. We'll assist as much as is possible in a dispute, but in the end, it's between thee and your seller/buyer.
  4. Hijacking another member's For Sale Thread for your merchandise will result in an immediate ban

I've tried to make this as clear and simple as possible, to avoid confusion. Thanks for your cooperation.

Tom Stormcrowe
Site Administrator

no1mad 12-24-12 09:23 PM

Wanted To Buy Postings
The same general guidelines for posting For Sale threads goes for WTB as well- upgraded membership and in the Marketplace.

Be descriptive in the thread title and in the OP to assist those who may have what you're looking for.

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