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plumberroy 04-09-15 04:07 PM

Just Cool
I went to ride at a local park Wife was walking so I didn't have time for the 12 mile up and back. I took my mongoose bike shaped object as I would get more work out for the distance . The place I turned around there was an older gentleman resting on a bench I would guess around 70 He was riding a faded but complete good shape balloon tire schwinn. He told me he got it for his 12th birthday :D

bconneraz 04-09-15 04:28 PM

that is cool. very cool. :)

non-fixie 04-09-15 05:11 PM

See? One bike is all one needs ... ;)

John E 04-09-15 10:01 PM

Your story is much cooler than mine.

When I turned 12 I got a used ($15) Schwinn middleweight with a 2-speed Bendix shifter that looked like a handbrake lever. Six months later I moved up to a bottom-end Bianchi Corsa 10-speed.

What do I ride today? A fat-tired Schwinn (mountain) bike and a Bianchi road bike. The more things change ... .

Lascauxcaveman 04-10-15 12:16 AM

Eh. If the implication is that's the only bike he's had since age 12, I guess he just not very interested in bikes; or just not very curious.

Good to see he's still riding at 70, though.

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