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65hipodrvr 09-02-15 08:28 AM

Schwinn bike identification
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I know this is a Schwinn Moab, but have no clue as to the year. I bought it somewhere around '96-'97....I need to replace/repair some items, but would like to know where to start. As of right now, the shifters are stuck and it makes a clicking sound. I cannot change gears at all. It seems like there is no tension on the cable, or something in not making contact inside the housing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

schwinnderella 09-02-15 09:19 AM

From the picture I am not able to see what shifters you have. If you have Shimano rapid fire what you describe is a common problem. Search your problem on you tube. It is an easy fix and there are a number of vids showing how.

oddjob2 09-02-15 09:42 AM

Squirt generous amounts of WD-40 inside the shifter housing to give the old grease a chance to dissolve. Adjust the cable tension by removing slack at the derailleur binder bolt with the chain on the smallest sprocket and the shifter on position 1. Work the shifters back and forth a bit and you should be good to go.

65hipodrvr 09-02-15 09:46 AM

Thanks for the quick replies...yes they are Shimano rapid fires. I will search youtube for the videos.....any idea of the year?

oddjob2 09-02-15 09:48 AM

look for two digits on the crank arms

wrk101 09-02-15 09:48 AM

Exact year has no bearing on replacement parts. Schwinn's last production facility closed about 1991. If you are committed to finding exact year, head to either bikepedia or just look up component codes.

Google Schwinn Moab SS and the first listing gives you the year.

Scooper 09-02-15 11:26 AM

It appears to be a 1994 Moab SS. The catalog was probably published in late 1993 (the year Schwinn was purchased from the bankruptcy court), and the new owners of Schwinn were just getting their act together.

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