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colinm 09-06-15 10:31 AM

Shoe ideas
I'm a wide-ish 13/48 and finding appropriate vintage shoes is difficult.

These just came up, and I now think I should expand my search to casual leather shoes.

Bianco Brioni Euro Zone Shoes - 3 Colors - Accessories & Watches

Other than that, it seems I can choose from a few $200-250 options, but that's not really feasible unless I save up over the winter.


masi61 09-06-15 10:40 AM

Are you looking for cycling shoes in this size? For clipless pedals Sidi makes their shoes in "mega" widths which helps with fitting a wider foot

gugie 09-06-15 10:50 AM

Based on the shoe link, I assume you're riding platform pedals? If so,

Style is in the eye of the beholder, but I've got a buddy named Andy that's 6'6" and wears some big and wide shoes, 14's I believe. He bought a pair of discus shoes. They have zero tread, so they don't get stuck on the pedals. He likes them a lot for riding.

Here's a link to Andy's smugmug site, you can browse through to find more pics, but this is the one you can see his shoes in best.

Wildwood 09-06-15 11:42 AM

I bought a pair of lightweight hiking shoes with a stiff (Vibram) sole, for the few times I ride with flat pedals. Starting now is a good time of year to be looking for closeout pricing on bike gear.

gaucho777 09-06-15 11:49 AM

Are you riding with clips & straps? As far as casual shoes, those do look like they might work. Most tennis shoes are too wide to fit on a quill pedal with a pointed edge on the pedal cage. Personally, I like having some ridges in the sole to prevent the shoe from slipping out. If using clips & straps, I might be concerned that the leather, esp. at the front of the shoe, will get beat up quickly from scraping on the inside of the clips. I like having a little extra reinforcement at the edge and where the straps cross the foot. On the plus side, the velcro strap on these shoes does look low-profile enough that it may not interfere with the clips & straps, a common problem trying to use many modern cycling shoes with clips/straps. The price is right, so may be worth a shot.

colinm 09-06-15 01:49 PM

Yep, clips and straps on cages. Thanks for the advice, still shopping.

Colorado Kid 09-06-15 05:04 PM

I like L.L. Bean's Rockport World Tour shoes. Men's Rockport World Tour Walkers | Free Shipping at L.L.Bean Nice shoes and stiff enough if you take out the insoles. It has a nice "Old School" look to it without breaking the bank.

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