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Bobisarockstar 09-28-15 08:45 PM

Need some help with a strange older cannondale serial number!
I have recently gotten a vintage cannondale, I'm thinking somewhere late 80's. After looking around I came across and tried to use their serial lookup guide, however my serial makes no sense. It's as follows: 21092287169

The number is on the left chain stay, and is stamped in a dot matrix style lettering. The bike is a light blue color with the older style log cabin head tube sticker. Any help would be appreciated!

Darth Lefty 09-28-15 09:17 PM

My guess would be 21" the size, 092287 the build date, 169 the number. Compared to the "Version 2" format on the Vintage Cannondale site you would be missing the leading digit that gives the frame spacing. Maybe it was zero and got left off?

What kind of bike is it? racing, sport, MTB?

wahoonc 09-29-15 04:44 AM

I have an oddball 'dale MTB frame set. Have to check the serial number on it. At the time I got it it didn't match up to any of the catalogs. Come to find out Cannondale built some off spec bikes that they sold through AAFES over seas.

Aaron :)

rccardr 09-29-15 06:14 AM

A 21" ST sold as a late '87 or early '88 model. Nice stuff.

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