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fastbroshi 01-22-21 09:04 AM

Those are just some of the reasons I like old Honda cars and motorcycles. Too bad they didn't make any bicycles :/

texaspandj 01-22-21 01:01 PM

Italian geometry, Japanese technology, and American Iconism (Dave Scott). What's not to like?

sd5782 01-24-21 12:00 PM

85 IM Freewheels
Iíve posted previously about my 85 Ironman. I bought this several years ago, and searching info was what directed me to BF and C&V. Sadly, Iíve not ridden my Ironman much. I have other bikes now more suitable to my physical condition and age, but I told myself I was going to make some changes and ride this classic machine more.

First change was a 39T sprocket and then a 13-25 Sunrace 7 speed freewheel a year or two ago. Nice shifting, but I needed a bit more help. I have read that a 28 would shift with the 600rd. I got a 14-28 Sunrace 7 speed at the local co-op for cheap and it shifted the 28 fine, but the 14 on the low end interfered with the seat stay. A 13-28 would probably work.

While the bike was in the stand I dug through what stash I had looking in vain for a 14-28 Shimano 6 speed. I did find 13-28 and 14-30 Suntour alpha 7 speeds that I had. The 14-30 was in great shape, so I thought to give it a try. It was much narrower than the Sunrace. I read that this 600 rd was fine for 28T, but 30? Yep, it handled the 30 just fine on the stand, even with the 52T biopace big ring. Friction shifting on the 85 of course, and not as smooth as the hyperglide profile of the Sunrace, but the 30T with the 39 front sounds nice to me after winter leaves these parts.

Thought others might be interested in the 30T and shimano 600.

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