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sloar 11-06-15 01:58 PM

Gitane Kilo
Picked this up today, I've been wanting something to take to the velodrome.

sloar 11-06-15 01:59 PM

cyclotoine 11-06-15 02:01 PM

You find amazing bikes with regularity, that looks practically unridden.

DMC707 11-06-15 02:04 PM

Originally Posted by sloar (Post 18299711)

Hey! You got it !

Looks very good!

As i mentioned in your post in the track area, -- i still roll out with lugged steel myself ! Mine was built in 2000, and it still looks "retro". The only concession to modern gear is the wheels, which i use because i am at a Clydesdale weight level -- our track is 45 degrees and the stress of my fat body on a spoked wheel meant i was truing the things every ride

Thats a beautiful bike and i hope you enjoy the track as much as i do :thumb:

3speedslow 11-06-15 02:14 PM

I would have to travel to put mine on a track. Very nice Gitanes !

devinfan 11-06-15 03:13 PM

Super cool. Not only a vintage track bike, or French, or a Gitane, but all of the above! Bonus points for Spidel!

Lascauxcaveman 11-06-15 06:35 PM

Beauty! That crank is the bee's business.

I'm happy to hear you have a velodrome in Elwood, IN. [/Jealous]

sloar 11-06-15 06:53 PM

Originally Posted by Lascauxcaveman (Post 18300382)
Beauty! That crank is the bee's business.

I'm happy to hear you have a velodrome in Elwood, IN. [/Jealous]

I'm about an hour from the Major Taylor in Indy.

verktyg 11-07-15 02:17 AM

Kilos have been very popular on the website. The 3 main tubes are straight gage Vitus 788 which was made of Chrome Molly steel.

788 indicated that the top tube has a 0.7mm wall thickness while the seat and down tubes are 0.8mm thick.

The forks and stays are probably made with standard carbon steel tubing.

Should be about a 18-19 Lb. bike with sewups.

In the 70's we used to keep at least one entry level Gitane Track Standard bike in stock. They were made of standard carbon steel "gas pipe" tubing with steel cranks, pedals, seatpost and so on plus Normandy track hubs and entry level sewups and tubular rims.

We sold them for $69.99 which was the list price.

When business was slow, we used to take FG track bikes out for a spin around town.

verktyg :50:


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