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Tandem Tom 11-21-15 12:03 PM

Entering the world of sandblasting!
Well I went to HF and bought a small pressurized sandblaster yesterday. I have 2 frames, my 1984 Miyata 610 and I added my 1983 Schwinn Super le Tour which I am considering for a 650b conversion. Set up outside and had a bit of go with it this AM. Had some clogging issues but started getting the hang of it. I must say it zipped right through the paint and rust!

lord_athlon 11-21-15 12:33 PM

Keep the pressure low.

3speedslow 11-21-15 01:35 PM

Pics please !

OldsCOOL 11-21-15 01:40 PM

They do the job. Make sure to protect yourself if using blasting sand. Lung problems can develop.

Vinnems 11-21-15 01:44 PM

Originally Posted by OldsCOOL (Post 18336063)
They do the job. Make sure to protect yourself if using blasting sand. Lung problems can develop.

This. Make sure you wear a filtered mask.

Oldpeddaller 11-21-15 01:47 PM

Hi Tandem Tom, glad you've managed to get a set-up that works! I bought a sand blasting gun and lots of medium for my compressor. Disappointed to find it was really feeble, rubbing with sand paper removes paint more quickly, effectively and with less effort. :-( My neighbour, who knows about such things advises that my brand-new compressor isn't powerful enough and I need a MINIMUM of14cfm for it to work. Never mind, the compressor's great for spraying paint! Do you need a cabinet to contain the used blasting medium? I'd thought of placing the frame or parts inside a dead electric chest freezer cabinet.

Tandem Tom 11-21-15 02:00 PM

I am wearing respirator and I am doing it outside. Before I really go at it and complete a whole frame I want have the correct primer in place and be ready to spray the frame and fork. Will do pics when I get under way!

Dave Cutter 11-21-15 02:55 PM

I've used my cheapy blaster in the yard (with a bucket of play sand) to remove varnish-like gunk. I just let the sand fall through the grass and into the soil. That can sometimes save me the hassle of chemical removers. I wear a mask, goggles, and heavy rubber gloves.

I haven't done a strip and repaint yet. But I'd guess it might be easier (and faster) to use conventional (power orbital sander) sanding on the large parts.

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