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tsappenfield 12-01-15 04:20 PM

Info about a Rampar saddle
A Raleigh Sports just moved into my basement workshop. Built at the Nottingham factory in May of 1977, it's been well cared for. I'm puzzled about the saddle. It's vinyl (I think), has a large letter "R" in the middle of the saddle and a metal "Rampar" name plate at the rear. The name plate looks exactly like a Brooks name plate. This saddle looks sort of low end to me. I'm thinking about some day replacing it with a Brooks B-72 leather saddle. What's the story behind this saddle?

FBinNY 12-01-15 04:33 PM

Rampar was a trade name (brand) created by Raleigh-USA which was a separate company from Raleigh UK. Mostly it was used for Far East sourced accessories sold into the USA and Canadian markets.

Offhand I don't know if that particular saddle was made in the UK or Far East, but I suspect the latter, and it was simply a knockoff of the Brooks saddles Raleigh UK used to spec.

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