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kalash74 01-03-16 12:25 PM

Kool Stop rod brake pads for your Raleigh DL-1, vintage Phillips, etc.
Has anyone tried the BLACK versions of these and found them to be effective?

From what I understand, the special compound is found in the orange pads. But orange brake pads on my vintage Phillips just doesn't look "right."

kalash74 01-03-16 12:30 PM

I recently discovered these:

Fibrax SH144 Premium Rod Brake Shoes (PAIR) - Harris Cyclery bicycle shop - West Newton, Massachusetts

Anyone try these? Curious if they are as good or better than the Koolstop.

kalash74 01-04-16 04:37 PM


lenos 01-04-16 11:00 PM

I used black compound Kool Stop pads on my Campagnolo equipped Raleigh Professional at last year's Eroica and they were great. It was raining a good portion of the time, muddy in places and there were no problems whatsoever.

Shp4man 01-04-16 11:25 PM

These work really well, cheap too. Dia Compe Grey Matter pads:

brianinc-ville 01-05-16 11:44 AM

I've tried the orange Kool Stops; they're marginally better than standard-sized Fibrax, but not as good as the oversized Fibrax (SH 144, a.k.a. ASH 144). Harris is sold out, but if you google around a bit you can probably find some ASH 144s for a decent price.

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