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jetboy 01-21-16 01:31 PM

logo for backstage bikes co-op
Well, finally getting the co-op off the ground and made a sign for the door. then put the sign into photoshop and made a logo out of it. since the name was brainstormed from this forum, i figured i'd share!

I am no graphic artist so I went for "intentionally" rough..

3speedslow 01-21-16 08:40 PM

I love bike co-ops! No such place around here. Sad.

keep those old bikes moving Jetboy:thumb:

eastbay71 01-21-16 09:25 PM

Can you give some backstory on the co-op? Or a link to a prevoius thread?

jetboy 01-22-16 10:29 AM

here is the backstory thread: so far we have moved a total of 3 bikes through from abandoned to riders. Not a lot but its a start.

Seabass_First 01-22-16 11:02 AM

I made some vector version for you. they are small and infinitely scaleable.

jetboy 01-22-16 03:30 PM

hey, nice and thanks!

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