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Scally McKerel 04-11-16 04:30 PM

Old Raleigh Catalog source
Does anyone know what happened to the website threespeedhub dot com?
It was once a great source for scans of old Raleigh catalogs.
And, does anyone know of an alternate source?
I'm looking for the 1935 catalog.

nlerner 04-11-16 04:37 PM

I contacted the owner of a couple of weeks ago, and he said he'd look into the problem. Otherwise, lots and lots of Raleigh and other catalogs are available at the Veteran-Cycle Club website.

Scally McKerel 04-11-16 04:59 PM

Thank you nlerner.
Much appreciated!

redneckwes 04-11-16 05:26 PM

Kurt is still hosting a bunch but the only 1930's catalog is mine from 1938.

'The Headbadge': 1938 Raleigh & Gazelle Catalog Brochure - USA

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